Attorney's Fees

Attorney’s Fees

In the national order (federal courts) there is a law that regulates the costs of lawyers, with minimums and maximums but each province has its own. And for a few months also the City of Buenos Aires. This new law, in general, increases the fees of legal professionals who practice in the City.

Of course, who cannot pay an equal lawyer has the right to the State to provide an advocate or sponsorship, and it is the Public School itself responsible for organising that service. By law, lawyers have that public charge. In this other article, I tell more about the subject.

Lawyers who work in a relationship of dependence

Although there was some progress, the lawyer independence usually signs a session of fees, by public need to be a litigious right, in favour of the Large Study. These agreements, in principle, are valid and encourage, in many cases, to resume the profession independently or to negotiate a bonus for the success of the cases they carry.

Trial fees

In a lawsuit for damages, the maximum price is 35%; It can only be higher than this percentage in the case that the professional takes the expenses corresponding to the client’s defense and the obligation to answer for the costs explicitly, in which case, the agreement may be extended up to half of the liquid result of the judgment. In succession, the lawyer charges (approx.) 8% to 18% of the real value of the property (or 150% of the tax value) except pact of fees. For pensions and food judgments, the maximum is 20%.